Friday 31 July 2015

Percy - Ana Chronicles - VIII: Rocky Mountain Hop

"Look at the sky, Ana. Isn't it beautiful!"

"Yes, absolutely gorgeous! I think it's never been so blue."

"And there's still snow on the far mountain tops."

"Not to mention grass in the valleys."

"I love summer!"

"And...listen - is that the sound of a caribou rubbing against a tree?"

"Umm...Percy, that is the sound of the couple in that tent over there going at it."

"You mean having sex?"

"I think that was clear."

"NOW? At ten in the morning?"

"There's no such thing as a wrong time to make love, Percy, when it's with the right person."


"Uhh...moving on, wasn't it nice of the lady at the visitor center to give you a Spanish-language audio guided tour?"

"Hmph. I thought it was condescending of her to presume I wouldn't know English well enough. I speak excellent English. I'm listening to that Spanish audio right now and it's not that good."

"Yes, but you curse in EspaƱol and you were cursing when you entered the center. She probably thought your first language is Spanish - which it is."

"I hurt my knee against the door. Of course I was cursing. You curse in Hindi yourself."

"Only occassionally, actually. But how is it now? Better?"

"Still hurts bad! See!"

"Umm which knee did you hurt?"

"The right one."

"Ana, there isn't even a bruise."

"You're so insensitive! You should be kissing it to make it better."

"Aww. Come here, you."

"It also hurts here. The door handle struck me too. Here. See. Kiss me here too."

"Ana, I can't kiss you there!"

"Why not?"

"Well, ahem, children hanging around the campsite and all that. It would be so inappropriate."

"Lets go inside the tent then."

"That...yes, that's a good idea."



"Yes, Percy?"

"Was this a ploy by you to prove yourself right?"

"About what?"

"There never being a wrong time to make love?"

"Look at the sky, Percy. Isn't it beautiful?"

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